Terms for you to use my tubes

mix and matching my various tubes as you like
please have a pixelssite

you can use your ready siggies in emails/ sending to your friends
not sell my tubes/or your ready siggies/ no altering/ recoloring/ no sharing with others

not use them on Livejournal or FB

be creative and link back to my site

respect my work and also the great pixelartist out there

- my tubes are for free - but I appreciate a little donation of course.
I use plenty of time to be creative and color the tubes...
and buy all things by nice and good artists

- you can see my memberships/ and certis on Ingers Pixelssite

thx for reading my little terms
~ inger


greyscaled Outlines found at:

Sherrys = http://apixel-n-time.com
MajMaj = http://meyougraphics.bravehost.com/index.html

Jessi = http://www.museni.com/pw
Cris = http:// www.fancycricket.net

Rebecca = http://www.littlecottagepixels.com
Trampasj = http://siggiesvillage.mundopixels.org
Heather =
Sicara = http://northern-lightz.com/simember
Christina = http://www.fantasticpixeldreams.at/pixelssite/fpd/index.htm

+ my own creations